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On the streets

The other day during photojournalism class, we shot photos on the streets of St. Augustine. It was a gray and rainy day.
The photos above are lightly edited, straightened and cropped in some cases, with the exception of the first photo which was a color photo converted to a pencil sketch.
The man who is lighting his cigarette with a wallet is Vinnie N. He’s an employee at the Theatre Magic shop along St. George Street in St. Augustine, and declined to give his last name. He said he is 26 years old.
Vinnie’s magic prop is known as a “fire wallet.” It sells for $44. You can see a video about the fire wallet here.
The pencil sketch and candle photos were taken at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine. The cathedral was founded on Sept. 8, 1565, according to its website.