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Round 2: Portfolio reviews

Below are photos taken of the second round of portfolio reviews. First round photos are here.
Second-round students included:

Jeff Howard, Clancy Sturgeon, McKenzie Blaine, Chelsea Hubbell, Chelsea King, Sherria Jones, Caitlin Carver, Liliana Cerquozzi, Kristy Kurowski, Autumn Roth, Alyssa Prehoda, Kayla Ward, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Jillian Unitas, Kayla Sullivan, Alyssa Murfey, Amber James, Alex Carlo, Will Sandberg, Brittany Swan, Zach Gray, Chris Hardwick, Katie Taylor, Haley Knight and Lauren Ely.

Portfolio resources

There are a ton of resources on the Web that can help you build a portfolio. Below are some links to get you started. (Download PDF of this Portfolio resources tipsheet)

Journalists must build a personal brand: 10 tips – by Mindy McAdams. She writes:

  • People in your field should know who you are.
  • Someone who Googles your first and last name should be able to find out who you are.
  • Your online self-representation should demonstrate that you are a serious, ethical journalist.

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