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Journalists in peril

Anja Niedringhaus. Credit: PETER DEJONG, AP

Anja Niedringhaus. Credit: PETER DEJONG, AP

Today in Intro to Media we’re going to talk about press freedom and the dangers that journalists face while doing their jobs.
We’ll look at photos taken by Anja Niedringhaus, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer who was killed in Afghanistan on April 4. David Guttenfelder, who worked with Niedringhaus, said he was devastated by her death. He told National Geographic:

She covered every major conflict, every massive world-changing event of the past 25 years. She was unflinchingly brave. Not in a cavalier way, but more like “This is very dangerous. But it’s important. It has to be done. It has to be covered. Who else is going to do it? I’m going.”

See Anja Niedringhaus’ portfolio

Source: Freedom House

Source: Freedom House

Organizations that promote freedom of the press

Freedom House
Press freedom 2013 (download 2013 report)
Committee to Protect Journalists. Case of Gregorio Jiménez de la Cruz
Number of journalists killed since 1982
Reporters without Borders
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Journalists, bloggers, social media and change

Today in Introduction to Mass Communication we are going to discuss press freedom, bloggers and other topics.

Press freedom resources
Enemies of the Internet
Committee to Project Journalists’ Journalists Security Guide
Reporters without Borders’ Blogger handbook
Kickstarter pitch for “How to Start a Revolution” documentary
Gene Sharp’s guide: From Dictatorship to Democracy

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