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Gravatars, avatars and profiles

This is a tutorial for Cuna Street News contributors. (See list of tutorials and related posts).


If you have uploaded a profile photo to Gravatar at some point in the past using your Flagler College email address, then your photo should automatically appear above your byline. But if you don’t already have a free Gravatar account linked to your Flagler address, you won’t see your smiling face on the website and you’ll have to create a new account. It’s easy and free. Continue reading

How to write profiles

IMG_8468Today in magazine writing class we are going to talk about people profiles. Tips are below. Feel free to send in your suggestions.

A profile isn’t a biography. It isn’t a recounting of a person’s work history. It’s a story about some interesting aspect of a person’s life.

When choosing a profile subject, do not pick a friend, co-worker, boss or a family member because that is a conflict of interest.

Key elements of a profile include:

  • An interesting lead. You need to hook the reader right away. Try to capture the reader’s attention and then keep it.
  • Lively quotes. The reader needs to know you were there. You interviewed your subject. This isn’t some second-hand story taken from a press release or a web site. Continue reading