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Why Journalism Matters: 10 Reasons

1-IMG_2033 copy10 Reasons Why Journalism Matters

  1. Journalism is part of the bedrock of our democratic society. “Journalism exposes corruption, draws attention to injustice, holds politicians and businesses accountable for their promises and duties. It informs citizens and consumers, helps organize public opinion, explains complex issues and clarifies essential disagreements. Journalism plays an irreplaceable role in both democratic politics and market economies.”1
  2. Journalism reminds us of our freedoms. A 2012 survey showed only 13 percent of respondents were able to name freedom of the press as one of five freedoms protected by the First Amendment. “While Americans remain generally supportive of First Amendment freedoms, it’s clear that as a nation we need to re-energize our efforts to provide education about those rights, starting with understanding what they are.”2
  3. Journalism emphasizes the importance of truth-tellers and explainers. “Journalists are not merely purveyors of facts.”3 They carry out vital work in the public interest. Continue reading

When mass media and social networks collide

Screenshot of Bluefin Labs graphic

Today in Introduction to Mass Communication, we’re going to talk about:

  • Social networks
  • Social TV analytics
  • TV Genome

Analysis of social networking reaction to Super Bowl

Alan Wurtzel, president of Research and Media Development at NBCUniversal, said:

If you can’t measure it, you can’t sell it. To be useful, Social TV analytics has to encompass data from both TV programs and TV commercials. Continue reading