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Getting the most out of Google

I have begun to list some of the Google tools and links that journalists find especially useful. Please send in your ideas. Thanks!

Google Zeitgeist – See patterns and trends using data from billions of searches. Included in Zeitgeist:

  • Google Insights for Search – Type in topics that you write about to learn search patterns by date and region.
  • Google Trends – Easily compare search terms of your choice over time.
  • Hot Trends – See the 100 fastest rising searches in the U.S.
  • Trends for websites – See traffic data for websites of your choice.
  • Google Reader – Automatically scans your favorite blogs and news sites for new content.

Cool Internet sites for journalists

I have begun to list great websites and tools for journalists. Please send in your ideas. Thanks!

Find news, conversations, trends
Happn – Twitter trends and feeds by city.

Find information
Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine – An archive of more than 150 billion web pages that have been deleted from their original sites.

Find people
Pipl – Search for information about interview subjects and others. Pipl retrieves information from the so-called “invisible web,” or “deep web,” which does not always immediately show up in Google searches.
Zabasearch – Another people search engine that looks for information from databases that Google crawlers miss.
Networked Solution’s WHOIS – A great way to find out who is behind a domain.